Meet the Maker

Hey Guys,

I’m Kristen, I am the Bath Bomb Chick. I am first and foremost a wife, and a mother to three. My son is 23, and I have two daughters aged 15 and 13.  I started this adventure 3 years ago by total fluke. I really mean that, it was a total fluke.

Rewind to the first PA day in January of 2017. My daughters asked if we could try making bath bombs. I had always been crafty, I loved the DIY, so I said “Sure, how hard can it be?”  Boy was I wrong. While we made many bath bombs that PA  day, they were disasters. Every last one of them. But the girls had fun, and enjoyed using them and were cleaner than they had ever been that weekend. Fast forward to Monday. They go back to school and the “Type A” side of me comes out and I think to myself “I can do better”. So while they were at school, I did nothing but make Bath Bombs that day! And for the next three weeks I did nothing but make bath bombs. We finally had a total of 84 bath bombs. My older daughter suggested trying to sell them in our local neighbourhood Facebook group. And that’s where my small business was born. Right in my own community. They continue to be one of my biggest supporters to this day.

I’m really proud of the fact that my Bath Bombs give a show in the tub, they don’t just sink to the bottom and fizz. Guys, it took a long time to get to that point. Like I mean a long time! In the beginning I didn’t even know that that’s what they should do. I thought that if they sank to the bottom and fizzed there, then the bath bomb was still doing what it was supposed to do. I love the fact that they move, spin, give off colour and scent, that they are entertaining as well as therapeutic.  And again, this wasn’t something that happened right off the bat, it took me many years of perfecting to get to this point.

I love meeting you all in real life! I love market days and I love when you pick up from my home and I am able to be there while you do! The connection with all of you is what makes this so much fun for me. I want to hug all of you. I’m a total hugger. At markets I will hug you, if you pick up from my home I will hug you, and each order that is placed online, well, know I’m sending a hug with it as well.

Online orders do not mean that I’m not connected to you. This is a small business, run just by me, if you have questions, comments, feedback, I want to hear it! Please always feel free to email me!

Thank you for shopping small, thank you for supporting local, and thank you for loving what I create as much as I do.

With Thanks,

The Bath Bomb Chick